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PEOPLE - God’s Heart

People are the very heart of God...

    2009-2010 has been a great time of ministering in the Philippines.  Also a time of celebrating in the 30th Anniversary of  Pastors Paul and Shoddy Chase ministering in the Philippines.  Such a great honor to work with the faithful and called!  I am sure there have been many opportunities for them to quit and leave, but the heart they have for the people and the country is evident in their lives.  Many missionaries leave the field after the first year and never return to ministry.  What a testimony!

    We have been blessed to work alongside them training leaders and reaching people.  This years Pastors Conference was a great success!  The Faithfulness of God and the Faithfulness of those who love God were the emphasis.

    How awesome - Imparting to not only the New Life Satellite Pastors from around the nation. Who return to their churches and cities to impact there, but also to the many nations represented by those hungry to reach their own people.  Many places are only accessible by their own countrymen. 

     God always has a way to reach people!